Kabe-Koji-Nekoyashiki-kun Desires to be Recognized
Kabe-Koji-Nekoyashiki-kun Desires to be Recognized
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For Mamoru Nekoyashiki, a dōjinshi artist, the only thing that satisfies his need for approval is to sell his original BL manga at the popular Kabesa section (a section for popular dōjinshi circles on the wall side of the venue) and be recognized by readers at the event. But then one day, something happens to him! He meets Issei Kazama, a childhood friend he once had a crush on who is now a popular up-and-coming idol. Their lives in distant worlds should never have crossed paths, but you can't take your eyes off this story of two young men growing up in each other's presence!
Released Oct 04, 2022
Runtime 25min
Genre Comedy, Drama
Actor Koudai Matsuoka, Masaki Nakao, Toshiki Tateishi
Director N/A
Production Asahi Broadcasting Corporation